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Academic Programme

Program Name : Medical Doctor

Senior Orthopaedic (SPK 4112)

In the  fifth year, ( Semester IX & X ) the students will be  posted to the  Orthopedics  Module. The rotation is of 10 weeks duration.   The  teaching in the orthopedics course will consist of lectures, seminars,  bedside teaching, ward rounds, clinical sessions in Orthopedics  outpatient clinic and observing procedures in operation theatres.  Students are also expected to perform ward work under supervision.  During this rotation, the student will also be posted to the Accident  & Emergency, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Orthotic  Departments.   Students will be supervised by the lecturers from the  Orthopedics Unit, UPM and Medical Officers/ Specialists/Consultants of  Institute Orthopedics and Traumatology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Course Offer by Semester

Introductory Orthopaedic (SPK3111)

In  the fourth year, students will be introduced to the Orthopedic Posting.  The rotation is of 2 weeks duration. This basic knowledge will be  further consolidated by 10 weeks of Musculoskeletal Disorder and  Disability Posting scheduled when these students are in the final year  of their medical course.   This course will encompass basic history  taking of orthopaedic patients based on the part of the limb involved  and physical examination of the musculoskeletal system. It will also  cover the approach of accurate diagnosis and relevant investigations.   Students will be supervised by the lecturers from the Orthopedic Unit,  UPM and by House Officers/Medical Officers/Specialists/Consultants of  the Orthopedics Department, Hospital Serdang. Course Offer by Semester

Accident & Emergency (SPK3121)

Accident  and emergency are the most challenging situations in medicine. The  traditional approach of history taking, examination, investigation, etc  is clearly inappropriate in an emergency situation. The need for  immediate life-saving treatment not only places great demand on clinical  skills, but also challenges the physician’s character. It is hope that  this module will expose the students to these challenges.  In the fifth  year, (Semester IX &X) the student will be posted to the Accident  and Emergency Department for one-week rotation in Accident &  Emergency (A&E).  The teaching in the A&E posting will consist  of seminars and clinical sessions comprising of bedside teaching, ward  rounds and case presentation in the A&E Department of Hospital Kuala  Lumpur. Student are also expected o perform clinical duties under  supervision.  Students will be supervised by the clinical staff of the  A&E Department of Hospital Serdang and overseen by the A&E  Posting Coordinator of FPSK UPM. Course Offer by Semester

Master Programs:
Master in Surgery (Orthopeadic )

Master of Surgery (Orthopaedics) programs offered to produce more experts in the field of orthopedics in order to meet domestic demand for human resources for professional with expertise in the field of orthopedics as well as to reduce the number of orthopedic specialists to population. In addition, this program able to increase the number of trainers for Doctor of Medicine program in the field of orthopedic in public or private institution.
By providing career advancement opportunities to employees surgery in Malaysia with the establishment of more specialized training opportunities expertise. The program can also increase the number of orthopedic specialists who are able to conduct relevant research related health problems in orthopedics in Malaysia.

 This 4-year academic program involves three (3) phases academic and in-service training in hospital. It also includes course work, practical orthopedics, writing the case report and a dissertation.

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