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Sabtu - 25 Februari 2017
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Orientation Program for the Young Lecturers


On 24th January 2017, MERIU have completed the Orientation Program for the Young Lecturers held in Library Auditorium. The objective of this program is to give exposure and orientate the young lecturers as to how medical education related activities are conducted in FPSK. 

This half day program provided information on various activities conducted in the medical program with regards to curriculum implementation. Topics covered included Teaching & Learning Activities, Blended Learning, Putrablast, Assessment Methods, PPD (Personal & Professional Development) & Mentoring and finally research & innovation in medical education related activities. 

This is the first time such a program is conducted. It is planned to be held once annually. Many topics are covered and therefore, only snippets of each can be shared in this program.

Details of each topic will be covered in the upcoming workshops organised by MERIU throughout 2017.

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