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Sabtu - 25 Februari 2017
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Programme - Safe Kids at Home
Safe Kids Malaysia UPM Initiative and Programs

Safe Kids at Home (Fire Safety at Home)

In 2015, Safe Kids Malaysia UPM was awarded a research contract grant for 6 months from 2016-2017 to conduct a study among parents about their primary school children exposure and involvement in Burns, Fire and Scald in Kuala Lumpur.

Upon the success of the study, on November 2016, Safe Kids Malaysia UPM was awarded another research contract grant for 12 months to Develop, Implement and Evaluate Home Safety Program (Burn Prevention Intervention) in Primary Schools in Kuala Lumpur.

Safe Kids at Home, an interactive, school-based educational programme, was created by injury prevention experts at Safe Kids Malaysia and Safe Kids Worldwide. The programme addresses the leading causes of preventable injuries in the home, and includes lesson plans and tools for educators, safety tips for families and activities for students. To educate children and families about burn prevention safety at home, Safe Kids Malaysia UPM partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide USA, Honeywell USA and Honeywell Malaysia to create the module on Preventing Fire and Burns.  Honeywell Home Town Solutions USA funded this initiative. Safe Kids Malaysia UPM together with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur will run the intervention program in the identified primary schools in Sentul District, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in year 2017 as a pilot program.

Protecting children from injury is of paramount importance to parents and caregivers, and they take precautions to create an environment in which their children can play, learn and grow – safely. As educators, you also play a critical role in creating a safe environment for children. While adults play the most important role in ensuring child safety, it is equally important to teach children about the potential risks and prevention of serious injuries. Safety education, awareness and environmental changes go a long way in changing the mind-set and behaviours of children and adults. It also raises awareness around risks in the home that may not be as familiar to families.

Programme Objectives

Safe Kids at Home is designed to educate children and their families about unintentional injury risks in the home. In this module, the lessons and activities will focus on the topic preventing fire and burns. By the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • Identify leading causes of preventable injuries in the home.
  • Identify common causes of fire and burns.
  • Give examples of how to prevent fire and burn-related injuries.
  • Describe appropriate first aid for minor burns.
  • Describe steps that should be taken in case of fire.
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